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日常交际英语口语有哪些?口语对话参考 - 洛基英语





1.That’s ridiculous.那太荒唐了。

2.There is a call for you.有你的电话。

3.You are still the same.你一点都没变。

4.What a terrible thing to do.这种事真令人发指。

5.I guess not.当然不是。

6.We should definitely play together some time.我们一定要找个时间一起打球。

7.So,do you like the course?对了,你喜欢这个球场吗?

8.What do you do in your free time?你空闲时都在做什么?

9.Come and meet my friends.过来见见我的朋友们。

10.Do you know what I mean?你明白我的意思吗?

11.A funny thing happened to me the other day.几天前我碰到了一件很有趣的事。

12.I have no idea why I was thinking about him.我也不知道为什么会想起他。

13.She's a great networker.她的人面很广。

14.Why is she so insecure?她为什么这么局促不安?

15.Someone told me that it's a really boring book.有人告诉我说,这本书很无聊。

16.What makes you say that?你这么说的理由是什么?

17.You really have bad luck,don't you?你真的很不走运,对吧?

18.What's he like normally?他平常为人怎么样?


20.I'll be back in a sec.我等下就回来。

21.I have no idea what you're talking about.我不知道你在说什么。

22.Do you two know each other?你们两个认识对方吗?

23.Do you want to hear a funny joke?你想听个有趣的笑话吗?

24.Hang on,I haven't finished yet.等等,我还没说完。

25.I love eccentric people.我喜欢古怪的人。

26.Those colors don't really suit you either.这些颜色也不太适合你。

27.I agree.我同意。

28.I hate you.我讨厌你。

29.No kidding!不骗你。

30.How awful,poor guy.太惨了,真可怜。


31.Without further ado废话少数,言归正传

32.I figure我猜/我觉得…

33.I'll leave you be.告辞了。

34.As you were和以前一样

35.I didn’t follow you.我没明白你的意思。

36.Have/get your back.我挺你,我支持你。

37.You're all set.事情都办完了。

38.All yours.请便。

39.Give me a call.给我打电话。

40.You can’t complain.你该知足了。

41.Are you hungry?你饿了吗?

42.Have you eaten?吃了吗?

43.I'll catch you later.再会。

44.It's getting late.天色已晚。

45.Would you excuse me a moment?能打扰一会儿吗?

46.Not toospicy/salty/sweet,please.不太辣/咸/甜的,请。

47.So where was I?我说到哪儿了?

48.Haven't you been listening to a word I've been saying?你是不是没有在听我说话?

49.Wait a minute,I'm lost.等一下,我搞乱了。

50.Is it salty?它是咸的?

51.What's good here?什么比较好?

52.If you'll excuse me a moment.打扰一下。

53.It's been nice taking to you.很高兴与你交谈。

54.I need to get some fresh air.我需要呼吸新鲜空气。

55.I want a cigarette.我要一支烟。

56.I don't want this to get out.我不想泄露。

57.It's all a big secret.这都是一个天大的秘密。

58.He had his car stolen.他的车被偷了。

59.So what happened next?所以接下来呢?

60.Well,he sure was lucky.噢,他真是走运。